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Corrosion Resistant Electric Unit Heater Chromalox HD3D
Adjustable Drainable Blade Aluminum Louvers NCA A-XAD-6

Baytown WWTP/Eastside WTP

(Top) This Chromalox model HD3D 316 stainless steel electric unit heater is located in a highly corrosive environment providing freeze protection to equipment panels at a Baytown area wastewater treatment plant.


(Bottom) These NCA aluminum drainable blade louvers are adjustable to match the ventilation requirements of several blowers located in a vault below.  These are installed in a Dallas area water treatment plant.



Fiberglass Fan Composite Fan Technology TA-HP

Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant

This FRP (Fiberglass) in-line exhaust fan is located in a highly corrosive environment at a Dallas area wastewater treatment plant, moving Hydrogen Sulfide laden air out of a process building.

Duck Creek WWTP - Garland

This AFU (air filter unit) scrubber provides three levels of filtration to remove particulates, H2S and other highly corrosive gases from the airstream to positively pressurize a control center and protect expensive control equipment.

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