How do I place an order with you?
You can place an order by e-mail or by fax. Please find our contact numbers on the contact information page.  We require a purchase order.  If you are not an existing customer, a credit application is required.  Terms are Net 30 from date of shipment with no retainage allowed.

Can I also purchase from you for residential or private purposes?

We typically sell to businesses, but depending on the quantities desired, we may be able to accommodate you on replacement HVAC and Air Filtration parts.

Where do you deliver the merchandise?
We can deliver to any location in the United States.  We can also deliver outside of the country contingent on our manufacturer's research and approval.

What are your return conditions?
All sales are final unless previously negotiated.  We stand by our manufacturers' warranties (typically 1 year from date of shipment) and will work with our customers on any issues.  Customers should inspect all shipments prior to accepting.  If merchandise is damaged during delivery, you will need to fill out a report with the freight company.  If you find that our products were damaged, we will work with the manufacturer to provide remedies.  You have an option to refuse to accept shipment in most cases and should do so if the items are damaged beyond working capacity.

How fast can you deliver?
Standard lead times vary from manufacturer to product.  Most manufacturers will have a 4 week lead time on non-stock items.  Several manufacturers offer a 1 day Quick Ship program.  Check our brochures for more information.

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